Wiring for 120 only for jobsite use

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      I have an MEP-002A that I want to use for 120 only on a construction site. The wiring on the chart shows to connect to L1 and L3. this works giving me 120 to run my equipment but it is 60 volts per leg with no ground or neutral. I am a little confused by your drawings. most show using L1 and L2 and grounding one or the other. I am looking for how to wire this up correctly and safely to avoid damaging my set or getting someone hurt. Thanks in advance for your help

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      Have you seen this MEP002A / MEP003A wiring diagram for 120 volt single phase hookup. Please note that a licensed electrician is always recommended to prevent injury or damage to equipment. Also note that both the phase selector switch and meter read-out switch on the control panel must be set correctly BEFORE starting the generator. Never move the phase selector switch while unit is running and always screw the safety cover on the phase selector switch to prevent tampering. If the configuration will be used for long-term, you may even want to remove the knob to prevent any change in the phase/voltage selection settings (there are 3 options).

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