Fuel Cap for Many Military Diesel Generators 2590-00-911-0081 or MS35645-2 or MS35645-1 MEP002A, MEP003A, MEP802A, MEP803A


Fuel Tank Cap for many different military trucks and generators. Will fit MEP002A, MEP003A, MEP016B, MEP701A, MEP802A, MEP803A and many variants (i.e. 28VDC and 400Hz variants). Comes with chain and vapor lock seal. Note that there are two milspec variants that will fit many generators and trucks and either variant might be used to fulfill this order:

MS35645-1 – this variant comes with a tabbed cap to help twist off

MS35645-2 – this variant comes with a knurled cap that is a textured edge to help twist off

NSN: 2910-00-141-9758, 2590-00-911-0081 (see above for differences)

Other Part Numbers: MS35645-2, MS35645-1 (see above for differences)

Gripping Accommodation Type Knurled
Outside Diameter 4.500 inches nominal
Overall Height 1.188 inches nominal
System FOR Which Designed Nonpressurized
CAM Quantity 3
Retaining Device Type Chain and wire hook
Retaining Device Length 7.500 inches nominal
Pressure Relief Method Manual
Locking Device Type Integral self lock
Features Provided Breather hole and submersible
Filler Neck Diameter FOR Which Designed 3.750 inches nominal
Color Olive drab
Special Markings Valve inside @open-normal closed fording-vapor lock
Material Steel overall
Surface Treatment Paint overall
Style Designator Outside cam type
Nondefinitive Spec/STD Data 2 type

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