A Simple Generator Setup for Home Back-up Use


This is a great example of a MEP003A installed for home use.  The unit is place on high ground that will drain well.  Then the entire area is covered with crushed stone to aid in water transport and to minimize mud kicking up on the unit.  4 modest sono-tubes are sunk in the ground to provide ballast and stabilization to minimize vibration of the genset.  One large bolt is then set with epoxy into the concrete sonotube and then bolted to the aluminum skid that the genset is mounted on. This makes for an extremely solid, secure and tamper-proof unit.

If you want to move it, simply undo 4 bolts and place in trailer or pickup! Pretty easy.

As for fuel, this unit has the standard 12.5 gallon day tank that is fed with the on-board standard auxiliary pump that is connected to an old truck tank.  This fuel line could also directly tie into your home heating oil supply if your home or business runs on home heating oil.

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