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GMG Is Pleased To Announce Our New Ambac M50 Pump Exchange Program


GMG is now fully remanufacturing Ambac M50 pumps to OEM specs and fully testing them. Pumps come ready for 2 and 4 cylinder installations. We are providing a $50 core credit for any rebuildable core. You can purchase a remanufactured MEP002A-MEP003A Ambac M50 Fuel Injection Pump 50-2/4A-80A-9540A here.

GMG Fixes a Blown Oil Pump in a MEP003A – The Benefits of Our Warranty Program


GMG recently fixed a blown oil pump in a customer’s MEP003A. Bad things can happen, even though we refurbish and load-bank a unit. Under our exclusive warranty program, we covered this repair. Typically, we only cover parts (not labor) in any warranty situation, but we made an exception and covered labor costs, which were over […]

So how do the MEP002A and MEP802A compare for noise? Listen for yourself

We get this question a lot:  So how to MEP002A units compare to their new generation counterpart in terms of sound level? The former doesn’t have a sound kit (ASK = Acoustic Suppression Kit) and the latter does. Listen for yourself. It is a material difference, but the MEP002A is not nearly as loud as […]

My Generator Starts When Cold, But Not When Hot!


We live in a crazy world! I thought warm diesel engines should start easier than cold ones?! “My Generator Starts When Cold, But Not When Hot!” That is a true statement and remains true. The problem might not lie in the engine itself or the injectors or the injection pump or anything related to the […]

Wiring Diagrams for MEP002A & MEP003A Military Diesel Generators


We have had requests for diagrams for the MEP002A and MEP003A wiring.  In this post you will find 3 high resolution photos of a new Control Box that we have in stock (yes, it’s for sale;-). Hope this helps you with your electrical needs.

Can I Run My 120/240V Wired House With A 120/208V Three Phase Generator?

Below is a great video that concerns itself with answering this oft-asked question. Many military generators are only configured to output three phase electricity, especially the larger units including the MEP004A, MEP005a and up.  Note that the MEP002A and MEP003A models output single phase 120/240V single phase power just fine and are not the focus […]

All Military Generators – All in One Place!


We have finally assembled what we believe is a relatively exhaustive list of past and present generators used by the US Military.  On this page, you will also see links to two versions of the: STANDARD-FAMILY-OF-MOBILE-ELECTRIC-POWER-GENERATING-SOURCES-GENERAL-DESCRIPTION-INFORMATION-AND-CHARACTERISTICS-DATA-SHEETS-MIL-HDBK One version was published in 2010 (MIL-HDBK-633A) and one published in 1998 (MIL-HDBK-633).  Both of these manuals have very […]

We Have Glow Plug Kits for MEP-002A and MEP-003A Diesel Generators


We have them. They aren’t cheap, but they will help keep your unit 110% in the winter and cold starts. These will also help save your starter from over-working (same goes for your batteries). Follow link to purchase MEP-002A and MEP-003A 24v Glow Plugs.

Fuel Line Check Valve Problems


Many military generators have check valves in the fuel line system, often immediately after all of the filters, strainers, but before the injector pump. This prevents fuel from flowing backwards in the system and also helps the system hold its prime. The MEP-002A and MEP-003A units have a check valve located after the third filter […]

A Simple Generator Setup for Home Back-up Use


This is a great example of a MEP003A installed for home use.  The unit is place on high ground that will drain well.  Then the entire area is covered with crushed stone to aid in water transport and to minimize mud kicking up on the unit.  4 modest sono-tubes are sunk in the ground to […]