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List of Lister Petter Engines and Their Specifications

Model Cylinders Capacity (cc) Bore & Stroke HP @ RPM (max) Cooling Weight Fuel Combustion/Injection                   Lister Petter AA1 1 219 23/4 X 21/4 3.5 @ 3600 Air 93 lb Diesel Indirect Petter AB1 1 261 3 X 21/4 5 @ 3600 Air 98 lb Diesel Indirect […]

MEP804A Use of Diagnostic Pin Connectors As a Diagnostic Tool


In most of the manuals of the new generation units, you will find a detailed breakdown of the use of the diagnostic pin tool connector. You will see the mapping of each of the many pins and how they can be used to test various circuits and functions of the generator. For example, for the […]

So how do the MEP002A and MEP802A compare for noise? Listen for yourself

We get this question a lot:  So how to MEP002A units compare to their new generation counterpart in terms of sound level? The former doesn’t have a sound kit (ASK = Acoustic Suppression Kit) and the latter does. Listen for yourself. It is a material difference, but the MEP002A is not nearly as loud as […]