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Finally! GMG Has Created a Rebuild Kit for the MEP016B – MEP701A Injection Pump

MEP016B - MEP701A - Injection Pump Rebuild Kit - Bosch-PFR1K80A505-Pump-0414181033

We are expecting our first batch of rebuild kits by the end of December, 2018. If interested, please contact GMG to get on the list. We had to source this from Europe. Bosch no longer makes this pump (as of 2017), so rebuilding is the primary solution at this point. GMG has been unable to […]

GMG Is Pleased To Announce Our New Ambac M50 Pump Exchange Program


GMG is now fully remanufacturing Ambac M50 pumps to OEM specs and fully testing them. Pumps come ready for 2 and 4 cylinder installations. We are providing a $50 core credit for any rebuildable core. You can purchase a remanufactured MEP002A-MEP003A Ambac M50 Fuel Injection Pump 50-2/4A-80A-9540A here.

My Generator Starts When Cold, But Not When Hot!


We live in a crazy world! I thought warm diesel engines should start easier than cold ones?! “My Generator Starts When Cold, But Not When Hot!” That is a true statement and remains true. The problem might not lie in the engine itself or the injectors or the injection pump or anything related to the […]

We Have Onan Diesel Fuel Injectors In Stock! Onan/Yanmar 147-0136


Is your generator (MEP002A or MEP003A) sputtering?  Is it coughing smoke in a rhythm?  If it is, it could very well be time for new injectors that will improve the performance of your generator dramatically.  We now stock this very difficult to find injector. It was made by Onan in the early days and was […]