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How To Convert a MEP016D to 120/240 Volt Use

There is a lot of chit chat on the web about converting the MEP016D military diesel generator to dual/simultaneous 120/240 volt output. The normal output is either 100% 120 volt or 240 volt (both single phase), but not both. Before going further, some disclosures: GMG always recommends the hiring of a local licensed and insured […]

We Have Onan Diesel Fuel Injectors In Stock! Onan/Yanmar 147-0136


Is your generator (MEP002A or MEP003A) sputtering?  Is it coughing smoke in a rhythm?  If it is, it could very well be time for new injectors that will improve the performance of your generator dramatically.  We now stock this very difficult to find injector. It was made by Onan in the early days and was […]