GMG Fixes a Blown Oil Pump in a MEP003A – The Benefits of Our Warranty Program


GMG recently fixed a blown oil pump in a customer’s MEP003A. Bad things can happen, even though we refurbish and load-bank a unit. Under our exclusive warranty program, we covered this repair. Typically, we only cover parts (not labor) in any warranty situation, but we made an exception and covered labor costs, which were over $600! We stand behind our units and our warranty and believe our warranty is the best (and only) one in the business. Who else warrants a machine manufactured over 30 years old?!

Here are some of the pictures of the damaged oil pump for your reference. The symptoms of this failure were:

  • No oil pressure was registering on the gauge (this is often a bad gauge situation, but not this time).
  • Unit would shut down (correctly) due to low oil pressure, thus protecting the rest of the engine and mechanicals.


  • MEP003A-MEP002A-Blown-Oil-Pump-Gears-6 MEP003A-MEP002A-Blown-Oil-Pump-Gears-5 MEP003A-MEP002A-Blown-Oil-Pump-Gears-4 MEP003A-MEP002A-Blown-Oil-Pump-Gears-3


4 thoughts on “GMG Fixes a Blown Oil Pump in a MEP003A – The Benefits of Our Warranty Program

  1. gmg says:

    Yes! Can you please use our contact form to tell us the part numbers. We DO have great used ones including the main gear, but need to make sure we get you ALL the parts you require to get it running including gaskets. Thanks! GMG

  2. ronald montcalm says:

    can i buy new oil pump gears to fix my 003a generator for my neighbor if so please email me cost

  3. edward.hughes1 says:

    I have a Fermont MEP 803 diesel generator which is test ran monthly. Recently the cooling fan is throwing off small droplets of oil mostly on the alternator side of generator housing. What might be leaking small amounts of oil in front of the engine ? edward.hughes1@ Thanks, Ed

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