GMG Opens Warehouse Distribution and Shipping Center in Ohio


(Halifax, Vermont – May 27, 2016) Green Mountain Generators (GMG) is proud to announce the opening of our Midwest Operations Center in Stow, Ohio. This new facility is strategically located close to two of the largest US Military Warehousing and Liquidation Centers in the United States and allows GMG to procure and warehouse military equipment more economically as well as pick, pack and ship items to end customers, part brokers, and military personal in a more timely and efficient fashion.

The new facility is headed by experienced managers and employees that understand military surplus logistics, processes and state of the art warehousing. In addition, a deep knowledge of generator, machine and heavy equipment products will help keep GMG at the top of its game.

According to the head of GMG’s Midwest Operations Center, “This facility is a very logical extension and valuable asset to the GMG business. It will help make procurement, warehousing and shipping operations run more smoothly and efficiently, allowing GMG to offer more products at better prices than it could with only an Eastern Operations Center.”

We want to thank all GMG customers for helping make this expansion a reality.


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6 thoughts on “GMG Opens Warehouse Distribution and Shipping Center in Ohio

  1. GMG says:

    You should look for an external frequency converter. This is a device that is abstracted and separate from the generator, so you do not have to rewire (re-engineer) the 400Hz unit.

  2. Richard Packo says:

    This is about 1 hour from my home, can I go to the Stow, Ohio warehouse to look at and buy a generator and
    use a personal check? If so, Can I have an e-mail or a call so as to get directions. Thank you, Rick

  3. gmg says:

    We can offer our consignment services at 20%. We would need the following:
    – Pictures of unit on all sides and trailer in high resolution
    – Make, model
    – Hours
    – Detailed description of the unit (generator and trailer) and any flaws including: dings, missing parts, what is and is not working. Please be clear on describing what is or isn’t working.
    – Are batteries included? Are they new or used?
    – Assuming you can LOAD a freight carrier at your address. CONFIRM.
    – Address of unit.
    – Please provide your full name, address, email and phone number so we can direct customers to contact you DIRECTLY relating to any questions.
    – We will process transaction and arrange all freight shipping.
    – We will then deduct our 20% and freight shipping fees and any sales tax due.

    You can send all of this information to
    Any other details are much appreciated.

  4. Johnny Hyden says:

    Is there anyone out there who would be interested in my military generator 60 kW on a military 2and 1/2 ton trailer

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