Fuel Line Check Valve Problems


Many military generators have check valves in the fuel line system, often immediately after all of the filters, strainers, but before the injector pump. This prevents fuel from flowing backwards in the system and also helps the system hold its prime. The MEP-002A and MEP-003A units have a check valve located after the third filter in an elbow near the oil pressure gauge. It is important to ensure that this check valve is working properly. It can stick if a unit has sat for multiple months without running. Usually a blast of compressed air and some clean diesel can help un-stick the valve.  GMG recommends exercising your generator monthly for 1-2 hours at rated speed. Do not let your unit warm up or warm down. Ideally a load should be placed on the unit during exercising as well.

The NSN part number for this check valve is: 4820-01-049-1322

The manufacturer and part number is: 22962B (14834)

Only 1 check valve is used on the MEP-002A and MEP-003A units.


5 thoughts on “Fuel Line Check Valve Problems

  1. Calup jensen says:

    OK I have 4 002a and one runs good and to run up and down few times run good fo r 5 seconds go up down a quit like they run out of fuel . But take line off injection pump good flow. Take off hard lines quiets at me . . 4th one I think injection pump bad . But the 2 I don’t get why do that .??????

  2. gmg says:

    Do you have the manuals. You can download for free from out website. Seems like a fuel/governor issue. You really don’t want to use the battle short feature. So check the fuel stop solenoid, governor and make sure throttle is mechanically OK and not loose or broken.

  3. jack okay says:

    my generator is mep 004a has sat out for six years and transported to Africa . it starts and does not reach rpm and cuts off when set on battle short and cuts off as you manually want to increase the rpm , what do I need to check and service to keep it running

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