All Military Generators – All in One Place!


We have finally assembled what we believe is a relatively exhaustive list of past and present generators used by the US Military.  On this page, you will also see links to two versions of the:


One version was published in 2010 (MIL-HDBK-633A) and one published in 1998 (MIL-HDBK-633).  Both of these manuals have very detailed information on the specifications for each military generator.


4 thoughts on “All Military Generators – All in One Place!

  1. troutbum_007 says:

    I have been tasked with troubleshooting a pair of MEP805-A Generators,which are both running fine (and at correct frequencies), but will only make very low AC Voltage…The average L-L VAC between the two is about 18, and the average L-N VAC is about 30…and these readings are consistent across all 3 phases, which in my experience, generally rules out faulty diodes in Rotating Rectifiers, Exciter Stators or AVR’s…So Per the DS (24) Manual, this condition otherwise only indicates either faulty Power Potential Transformers, or faulty Generator Stator Housing Assemblies…Both units have been in a fairly damp humid environment near ocean for an extended time, without exercise…Anyone else ever experience these odd issues, and where could I even buy the parts required to fix?

  2. R. Owens says:

    Hello. I am seeking an 800 amp 3-pole Circuit Breaker w/ 24 V Uv trip Coil (Part # 10462)
    for a Libby Model MEP 009B Generator. Please tell me you have one in stock.

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