GMG Has Expanded Our Refurbishment and Repair Capabilities!


(Halifax, Vermont) GMG is pleased to announce that we have expanded our capabilities in both man-power and space to repair any MEP generator (or any other generator for that matter). We have the absolute best technicians on staff and they are all EGSA certified! This means they KNOW what they are doing. There are less than 2,100 certified technicians in the entire United States! With respect to MEP units, on top of the best technical training and experience, we have deep domain experience with MEP units. In addition, GMG is a member of the EGSA and we take training, safety and our work very seriously. Please contact us for your service needs.

2 thoughts on “GMG Has Expanded Our Refurbishment and Repair Capabilities!

  1. Janet says:

    I would like to get a price quote for MEP802A-MEP803A-MEP80XA/B Oil Pressure Gauge – 6620-01-368-1531 Beede 940109 or 945330.


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