GMG Has Expanded Our Refurbishment and Repair Capabilities!


(Halifax, Vermont) GMG is pleased to announce that we have expanded our capabilities in both man-power and space to repair any MEP generator (or any other generator for that matter). We have the absolute best technicians on staff and they are all EGSA certified! This means they KNOW what they are doing. There are less than 2,100 certified technicians in the entire United States! With respect to MEP units, on top of the best technical training and experience, we have deep domain experience with MEP units. In addition, GMG is a member of the EGSA and we take training, safety and our work very seriously. Please contact us for your service needs.

18 thoughts on “GMG Has Expanded Our Refurbishment and Repair Capabilities!

  1. GMG says:

    Those are not our techs. Those are certified industry techs. Please look for a certified tech at a local generator repair shop.

  2. emslsg says:

    This is my First post as I just purchased a MEP -804A 15kw
    Is there anyone in the DFW area that works on these units? Thanks in advance having an issue starting it with the master switch having to jump across the starter to get it to crank and run.

  3. GMG says:

    We only have a facility in VT/NH. We recommend finding a certified generator technician who can handle the electrical side of things.

  4. mtarkenton says:

    I would like the contact information for a repair person in North Carolina or Virginia to help me with my MEP-806B generator. Can you assist me, please?

  5. GMG says:

    You need to check continuity of the generator circuit and winding supplying that leg. Could be loose connection (OK) or bad winding (a bigger deal).

  6. GMG says:

    Hello. We only have a service center in Nelson, NH. You would need to bring your unit to us. We have a backlog right now, so it may take up to 6 weeks to repair. We apologize for the delay, but we are working through some large contracts at this point. We will email you directly.

  7. GMG says:

    Hello. GMG does not have a technician in that area. Look for a generator shop near you that fixes generators, not a general automotive mechanic. If you only have engine issues, a general mechanic may be able to help, but if electrical output is erratic or poor (with no load), you need a real generator technician. Sorry we couldn’t help you directly. GMG

  8. jlacy says:

    I am looking for someone who can troubleshoot and repair my 805A around the Dallas TX. area or in Texas period for that matter. Been running crappy like on 2 cyl. and no power and then from time to time it runs fine and produces power. More so not though. Thanks

  9. sd4007 says:

    I have a Fairmont 831 a that needs service. Could you forward me the contact information for your Connecticut location closest to 37 Acorn Hill Road Woodbridge Connecticut 06525

  10. tamiprickett says:

    I have a MEP003A 61155-585-12. It was running fine then it would suddenly quit. The master switch when you turn to crank then when it moves to prime / run it stops running. Changed out the master switch and it’s doing the same thing. Suggestions please.

  11. Janet says:

    I would like to get a price quote for MEP802A-MEP803A-MEP80XA/B Oil Pressure Gauge – 6620-01-368-1531 Beede 940109 or 945330.


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