M116A2 Military 3/4 Ton Trailers

Our 3/4 Ton M116A2 Trailers are amazingly tough. They have been manufactured for combat operations and are excellent for recreational off-roading; commercial applications; residential logging/firewood; and many more.  The wide wheel base and high clearance make these units incredibly versatile and durable. You cannot purchase anything like this in the consumer market.

  • Model:  M116A2
  • Capacity:  1500lbs per military specifications.  This is typically very underrated by consumer standards.
  • Bed Dimensions:  6′ x 8′ (12′ overall length)
  • Dimension between wheel wells:  45.5″
  • Weight of Trailer:  740lbs
  • Hitch/Couple Style:    10 Plain, Offset, Lunette Type Coupler (Pintle Hitch). Some units have been retrofitted with 2″ ball hitches. Please tell us your preference.
  • Wheels:    2
  • Brakes:    Hydraulic (Only available with lunette/pintle type coupler; Note: that we do not refurbish the hydraulic brake system and recommend you flush, replace fluid and service if this is a desired feature.)
  • Deck:    Heavy duty steel
  • Tires:    Heavy Duty 8-Lug Design
  • Tie Points:    4 (2 front, 2 back)
  • Off-Road Ready:    Yes (high clearance and pintle hitch are recommended for off-roading, logging and farm applications)
  • Suspension:    Heavy duty springs and shock absorbers
  • Ribs for Trailers:    4 heavy duty steel ribs included (removable). These 4 ribs can be retrofitted for side walls or other reinforcement.  They serve as excellent restraints for logging and bulk material.
  • Fold-able Trailer Neck:  Can easily be folded up for security or storage to make the unit shorter and more compact
  • Canopy:  Sold separately














5 thoughts on “M116A2 Military 3/4 Ton Trailers

  1. GMG says:

    Although we sell trailers, we do so as a byproduct of our business. You should download a copy of the parts manual and look for part numbers in the manual. Many will cross to civilian manufacturers.

  2. Edward H. Pugh Jr says:

    Just bought one, so far so good. I am looking for locking pins for ribs..etc.

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