MEP002A-MEP003A Injection Kit Onan 147-0304, NSN 2910-01-049-1192


This is a complete kit to install or re-install an injector and its Finned Nozzle Adapter.  There are 4 pieces to the kit (see below). One washer is to seat the actual injector nozzle. The other 3 parts work directly to protect and seat the Finned Nozzle Adapter. Using this kit as well as a new nozzle that we also sell serves as a complete rebuild kit for an injector. The injectors used on these machines are quite easy to rebuild with these parts.  You can find the new MEP002A/MEP003A injector nozzle by following this link.

This includes the following 4 parts which are collectively part of Onan Kit 147-0304:

  • Nozzle Gasket – Onan 147-0243
  • Insulating Gasket – Onan 147-0043
  • Plate Spacer – Onan 147-0044
  • Heatshield Gasket – Onan 110-0419

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