MEP002A-MEP003A New Aluminum Fuel Tank

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NOTE:  This tank design is based on the MEP002A dimensions (6.75 gallons).  This tank will also fit perfectly on a MEP003A unit, albeit with a lower capacity than the stock MEP003A 12.5 gallon capacity fuel tank. All adapters, fittings, fuel senders, drain cock, are identical on both the MEP002A and MEP003A unit. Most importantly, all of the MEP002A and MEP003A aux fuel features will work with this tank.

GMG has contracted with one of the leading aluminum custom fabrication shops in the United States to create a perfect fitting MEP002A and MEP003A aluminum (yes aluminum!) diesel fuel tank.  Features and specifications include:

  • Dimensions:  (LxWxH) 14″ x 9″ x 14″ (This is the same dimensions as the milspec MEP002A fuel tank and can also be used on the MEP003A unit, although the size will be smaller than the standard MEP003A fuel tank)
  • .125″ high quality milled aluminum – No more rust!
  • Much better than milspec steel or cheap plastic replacement tanks
  • Purpose-built to fit the MEP002A and MEP003A generators
  • UV resistant (unlike plastic tanks)
  • Filler neck (Threaded for a Kelch fuel cap).
  • Kelch fuel cap with integrated fuel gauge to quickly see fuel level.  When not using unit, twist tightly; when running, turn 1/4 turn open to vent the fuel tank.
  • 3 – 1/4″ NPT fittings like the milspec tank – one for sending fuel, one for the auxiliary fuel pump and one for the return line. Note that brass fittings are NOT included with tank.
  • 1 – 3/8″ NPT fitting for a drain plug in bottom of tank. Brass plug fitting IS included with tank.
  • 1 – 1 1/2″ NPT fitting for a float switch to call for auxiliary fuel from your on-board 24v fuel pump. You can resuse your float switch from your existing MEP002A or MEP003A fuel tank. To remove your current float switch, please use PB Blaster or other spray to loosen the threads on the float switch and let sit for multiple hours or overnight.
  • Note that this fuel tank will fit both MEP002A and MEP003A generators, but it is sized for the smaller MEP002A space.
  • CNC cut and formed
  • TIG welded
  • Pressure tested
  • Made in the USA
  • Note: Does not include 3 brass fittings for the top ports  or float switch for auxiliary fuel. All of your current parts from your old tank can be transferred and reused on this new tank!
  • MEP002A Fuel Tank Assembly:  Similar to NSN 2910-01-048-5560 or Onan 72-5080 or 159-0992
  • MEP003A Fuel Tank Assembly:  Similar to NSN 2910-01-044-8235 or Onan 72-5108 or 159-0993

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